Somnath Bhatt with Moad Musbahi Heart beat, Drum beat

IS A GALLERY and ¡guana books, 2024

$18.00 USD

The book features a new language of mark-making and storytelling through artist Somnath Bhatt's poeticism of form. Created in collaboration with Mexican design studio Iguana, offering audiences an immersive dive into a world of Bhatt’s visual pauses and play. 

A poetic representation of Somnath’s captivating style that makes clear why they are one of the most prolific and distinctive visual artists of this moment
– Mindy Seu

I feel like many designers and artists struggle so much to find their own style (I did, and still do!) and Somnath Bhatt does it in a way that seems so unique and effortless. I love his work and I’m constantly inspired by it, and hope this book inspires others too.
– Bráulio Amado

It has happened that an excursionist, venturing on a desolate mountain, has found a mysterious drawing carved on the side of a rock. It had lain there for millennia, undiscovered, to testify to shamanic ecstasies from a world long-gone. In this book, Somnath Bhatt offers us a rare glimpse into the moments of panic that precede such creations. His works might appear contemporary – but don’t be fooled! They are as ancient as the writings on stones.
– Federico Campagna